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Great time saver with both QuickBooks desktop and online
I highly recommend Transaction Pro Importer. We've been using this app for years. Several years ago, one of our QuickBooks desktop clients "challenged" us to find a solution to minimize our time on data entry. We implemented TPI to import hundreds of donation transactions monthly. We continue to use TPI and use it for our QuickBooks Online clients. The documentation and support is very helpful.


Delivers as promised
This has been a fantastic time saver for me. I trade options, and as I have been growing that business, the hundreds of small transactions per month mean that I was spending almost as much time bookkeeping as I was trading. It took a little effort to get my broker statement to match up to a format I could import, but the mapping tool helped a lot. Now I'm able to import a month of transactions in a few minutes instead of several hours of manual entry.

Amazing time saving!
I used this app to upload a client's historical data (from Excel), into QuickBooks Online. The volume of transactions was to high too consider manual re-entry into an accounting system, but we really wanted the ability to see trends (i.e. year-over-year, top vendors, etc.) within the chosen system. We almost decided to not go with QuickBooks Online because this systems does not provide the facility for transaction upload. It was finding the Transaction Pro Importer app that changed my mind. As with any data importer, there is a bit of trial and error, but data validation before upload is key and this app's data validation is BRILLIANT! I also really appreciated the mapping feature so that the data did not need to be manually manipulated before upload.

Can't live without Transaction Pro Importer
We are an all volunteer Soccer Club. As such we need to be as efficient with our time as possible. Before Transaction Pro Importer, the process to enter payments/checks to our referees after each weekend was about as onerous as it could get. Each week we download the referee to game assignments from our club website to excel. In excel each referee assignment was matched by game type and referee to retrieve the standard fee. That process took all of 3 minutes. We then needed to spend about 3 hours (each week!) keying in the checks to Quickbooks Online. The process was error prone and time consuming. That 3 hour or more process with Transaction Pro is now 2 Minutes and 100% correct. The original spreadsheet has minor modification to allow the upload. We now upload more detail than we ever keyed in which eliminates more time in answering referee questions. This product is about as simple and easy to use as it gets. Buy it and you too can save time and increase accuracy!

~JG 65

INSANE Time Saver!
I have been using Transaction Pro Importer for at least 5+ years. The product has never let me down! Anytime there is a question in importing into QBO I look to this solution. The power of the program with data import options makes me look like a rockstar. I feel confident using Transaction Pro Importer that I can handle my customer or my teams needs with difficult transactions or information into QBO. The money spent is returned 10 fold in terms of time savings.

Transaction Pro Importer
We use Transaction Pro Importer (TPI) to get our daily sales receipts from 3 web sites into QuickBooks. First, we setup a query in MS Acess (using ODBC remote desktop) of all of the relevant Sales Receipt data that sits on our hosted MySQL servers which we want to put into QuickBooks. Once the MS Access query is defined, TPI can then directly open this query every time it's run, the fields are mapped, and the data imported to QuickBooks. So . . . all the way from our 3 web sites' customer input data to QuickBooks in one step. We use it that way for both Sales Receipts and POs. We have tried a lot of tools - and this one is the most value for money out there. Best of all, BayState stands by their product and will efficiently help via email or phone to iron out any initial setup issues you may have.



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