What's New?     Transaction Pro Importer 6.0! Windows 10 Compability, Custom Color Schemes, Payee alias matching and bank/credit card statement import are some of the new features. Check out our blog for tips and tricks.  Watch our YouTube training videos.  Need Technical Support? Visit our support page.  Happy 10th Birthday Transaction Pro Importer! Over 35,000 users and millions and millions of transactions imported! With Intuit Gold Developer Status, 15 years of QuickBooks developer experience and over 35,000 satisfied customers, why take a chance with your accounting data? Get the best data import/export tools from Baystate Consulting and start spending your time focused on your business, not on data entry.

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Don't trust your critical accounting data to risky IIF import tools!

Using IIF transaction import tools can corrupt your QuickBooks data file. Intuit will not support any issues created by using IIF transaction imports. All our tools use the Intuit approved method which is the QuickBooks SDK (software development kit).
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  Transaction Pro Importer 6.0 - Compare to Other Importer Products  
Comparing TPI 6.0 to another product?

Since 2005 we have worked hard to publish a product that not only is easy to use but is powerful and flexible as well. Over ten years of constant development and feature updates give our users the benefit of a better product for the same price as imitators. Before deciding on another importer product be sure to ask the other product's developer these questions:

Transaction Pro Importer 6.0
Accesses the QuickBooks file via the Intuit approved QBSDK?
Application Tested and Approved by Intuit?
Written by an Intuit Gold Developer?
Application is digitally signed for safety and security?
Supports connecting to text, Excel, Access files and ODBC databases?
Supports importing of both lists and transactions?
Supports custom fields on both lists and transactions?
Import Bank and Credit Card Statements from Quicken and MS-Money files?
Ability to match payees with user defined aliases?
Data is fully validated for both missing data and correct data types before attempting to send to QuickBooks?
Supports a full range of command line features so you can set the import file, transaction type and even run the product unattended?
Supports simple formulas so you can combine fields and do simple math?
Allows easy mapping of fields and the ability to save and recall unlimited maps?
Supports the ability to map columns as new data rows?
Provides extensive cross referencing features to match customer/vendor account numbers to their names?
Automatically adds dependent data like customers, vendors, items, accounts when importing transactions?
Options to not add new customers, vendors, items, accounts and employees so import data can easily be corrected if necessary?
Provides a detailed Excel transaction log that can easily be saved and reviewed?
Supports all years and versions of QuickBooks US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia for one low price? Many other products make you purchase or upgrade to use with newer or different versions of QuickBooks.
USA Based Development and Technical Support?
Has been selling the product for over 10 years and has over 25,000 users?
Recommended by the Sleeter Group as their "absolute favorite import tool"? Read the full review here - Sleeter Group Review

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