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01 Transaction Pro Import Wizard - Version 3.0 Released

You asked, we delivered. How did we make the most popular transaction import tool for QuickBooks even better?

Easy - we listened to our current users. Based on feedback received from our many happy users, we added a slew of new    features to make the fastest and easiest way to get transactions into QuickBooks even better.

Check out the new features in TPI 3.0 - See the new features in action! Movie Demo

Connect to MS-Access or ODBC compliant databases like MS-SQL Server, mySQL and Oracle for your import file data

Ability to Zoom the data grids to fill the entire screen

QuickBooks 2009 US Multi-currency support (Non US versions support multi-currency as well)
New options to check for existing customers, vendors and items before import
Improved handling of errors returned from QuickBooks. For example, when adding a new customer and that customer already exists as a vendor, TPI 3.0 now adds a suffix to the new customer so it can be saved.
Improved transaction log reporting. Outputs from all imports can be sent to log window that can be saved to Excel when this option is set
Increased validation speed before sending transactions to QuickBooks
Enhanced data dictionary for QuickBooks field lengths and types (fields.tpi)

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